What is the Premium Fruit philosophy?

Our philosophy is to offer Premium fruit juices, in our opinion highly innovative for the following characteristics:

QUALITY AND NATURALITY: 100% non-concentrated juices, natural and without additives
TYPE and TASTE: using innovative types of fruit, practically new to the Italian market, with a typical flavor of the original fruit and very pleasant thanks to the use of non-concentrated juices; the respective fresh exotic fruits of which we offer the juice, have been experiencing a growing presence among fruit and vegetables for years, but are nevertheless disadvantaged by the seasonality and difficulty of consumption (due to their morphological characteristics, an example above all: the pomegranate!)
HEALTH EFFECTS: also significant, widely and increasingly popular and responding to the growing attention of consumers. Especially the pomegranate has been very successful in the USA for more than a decade for these reasons.

What does non-concentrate juice mean?

A non-concentrated juice, after squeezing the fruit, is bottled or placed in special drums without being concentrated. Concentration (i.e. the removal of a large part of the water from the juice by evaporation) is a very common practice among fruit juices because it allows to significantly reduce the space occupied by the juice in storage warehouses (often refrigerated, therefore rooms where the space should be used to the full) and during transport. However, during the concentration, in addition to water, many volatile compounds evaporate which are the main responsible for the aromas and fragrances of a fruit juice. just picked.

Why consume Premum Fruit juices?

Because Premium Fruit juices are friends of your health, made with premium quality fruit. They allow you to comfortably enjoy precious daily doses of vitamins and antioxidants at all times, within the recommended consumption of 5 servings per day of fruit and vegetables. "We are what we eat" and as known and proven by countless scientific studies, vitamins and antioxidants are very useful in helping to fight cellular aging by free radicals and to keep us young and protected from daily stress, pollution, fatigue and some diseases. The types of fruit we have selected have interesting nutritional characteristics, are very tasty and are absolute novelties, to whet your curiosity and allow you to consume a wide variety of products. Our juices are not drinks with low percentages of fruit, or mixes in which the fruit that appears in the photograph in the foreground on the label is diluted with juices of lesser quality: we give you 100% juice! Thus you will have the maximum beneficial effects of the starting fruit, also considering that with squeezing yields of 30-50% when you drink the juice it is as if you are consuming double or triple the weight of the starting fruit!

Why do we think we are "special"?

Because in our juices there are no blends of fine juices "cut" with juices of lesser value, in our products there is only one type of fruit, because drinking them must be like eating the fruit, comfortably and wherever you are. 100% juices are in most cases from concentrated juice and of a limited variety: orange, pineapple, apple, grapefruit and some mix in which the fruit that appears in the photograph in the foreground on the label is diluted with juices of lesser quality. Because our products are "rich in content" and if you compare the price per liter of real juice with juice drinks (in which water, sugar and often other additives are added to 10-20% of juice) you can see that our products are cheaper: by drinking the same amount, you can absorb more fruit!

Why consume pomegranate juice?

Pomegranate juice is good and refreshing. Furthermore, the pomegranate has very interesting health properties, as shown by recent research conducted in different parts of the world. For more information you can search Google by entering the right keywords such as "pomegranate health" or others similar, or do a search in English on PubMed (or similar sites) to find scientific literature.