PREMIUM FRUIT was founded by Dr. Lorenzo Costantini, agronomist expert in mediterranean and sub-tropical crops, and his father Dr. Giuliano, chemist-biologist expert in quality control of food and drugs.

The company deals with production, processing and marketing of food farming products, particularly specialties not much on sale in the market of Italy and surrounding but with the good purpose of diffuse them widely.

Premium Fruit born by the will of trading quality products for oganoleptic and healthy features, meeting the requests of modern consumers.


We are consumers before than producers, and as consumers we want be able to choose to enjoy tasty and healthy foods.

A tasty food have to be produced from the best ingredients and with the most suitable tecnologies. A healthy food have to carry compounds with beneficial effects on the organism and its ingredients have to be natural without artificial additives. In effect many artificial additives are potentially dangerous for health, and they’re also objectionable about quality because they’re legal sophistications in order to adjust defects due to carelessness in processing or bad quality of raw material.

For this reason our products’ ingredients surely meet needs of conscious consumer, and label shows ingredients highlighted and with clear character.

Ingredients surely are not hided, because INGREDIENTS AND QUALITY are our force, and consumer can trust in us.


Our philosophy is to offer Premium fruit juices, a highly innovative judgment for the following characteristics:
  • QUALITY AND NATURALITY: 100% and non-concentrated juices, natural and without additives
  • TYPOLOGY and TASTE: use innovative types of fruit, practically new for the Italian market, with a typical flavor of the starting fruit and very pleasant thanks to the use of non-concentrated juices; the respective fresh exotic fruits of which we have found the juice, found for years a growing presence among the fruit and vegetables, but are however disadvantaged by the seasonality and difficulty of consumption (for their morphological characteristics, an example above all: the pomegranate!)
  • HEALTH EFFECTS: also remarkable, widely and increasingly popular and responsive to the growing attention of consumers. For these reasons, the pomegranate in particular has been very successful in the United States for more than a decade.